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Internationally Accredited Curriculum

With Fefdy Course Completion Certification, your kid can continue to learn in regular schooling at any part of the World.

And our Fefdy Curriculum can be implemented at the home of the child. A facilitator’s guide will be present to help the Guardian guide the child with the help of the deliverables chosen. The Fefdy Curriculum can be followed in the comfort of the child’s home and provides the Core Knowledge that does not consist of a rigid syllabus but provides solid, General knowledge that most students should have by the time they complete kindergarten.


Learning process evolves into

Transition Talk to Tech

Interactive Platform & Games

Interactive mobile/Tablet application designed for Integrated learning

Stimulating Golden Brain

Logical & Intuitive Learning

Stimulating logical thinking at the early stages of childhood.

Triggering Higher Order Skills

Competency Based Bit-Size Learning

Bit-sized learning helps kids to learn faster and deeper

Self Motivated Learning

Innovative Task Accomplisher

Creating interest and love towards love at the budding stage.
Why Fefdy?

Fefdy enables learning at home bridges the learning gap provides Interactive Tools for skill enhancement kindles interest and self-learning

Course Book

The books are very kid-friendly and include tons of vibrant images. Our textbooks trigger analytical, logical and critical thinking skills, teach them how to manage emotions, express feelings, perceive colours and foster positive interactions.

Audio Book

Audio Books helps to connect to after merely having a glimpse of the textbook page. This is an efficient method to get children to reflect on what they just heard and put what they learned into practice, solidifying the knowledge in their minds.

Learning Videos

The classrooms may not yield results that the children may be able and capable of and hence the content should be interesting and optimistic. Our learning videos act as a platform to help children learn new things in a more attractive way.

Activity App

All the activities are derived from the topics present in the course & activity books. The app is designed in innovative, futuristic ways with a voiceover with well-pronounced and enunciated language. This makes it easy for kids to learn quickly.

Digital Flash Card

Our digital flashcards are apt for kids with age 2 and above as it allows them to increase their knowledge, memory, visual capability, photographic memory and attention span. It helps children process information at ease with just one glimpse.

Activity Book

Activity Book has cerebral games for children. It encourages kid's brains to remain active & hone cognitive abilities, problem-solving abilities, the development of Fine Motor Skills, Increases Attention Span and enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination.

Gift the Best Curriculum for your Child

Research-based curriculum and individual learning experiences are integral to all the programs at Fefdy. Our teachers are dedicated and nurturing, which means their singular goal is to help your child meet milestones and become successful.

Fefdy offers a path toward elementary school that can be personalized to meet each child’s needs.

Activity Book

Course Book

Audio Book

Digital Flash Cards

Learning Videos

Activity App

Towards 2050

Balancing Quotients With Dual Brain

Fefdy Curriculum – A Perfect Balance between HUMANITY and TECHNOLOGY


Social & Emotional



Fefdy Core Philosophies

Identifying the Developmental Mindset of the Learners

Adopting Diverse Learning Styles

Adopting Diverse Learning Styles

Innovating Methodologies to stimulate Higher Order Thinking Skills

Erikson’s Psychosocial Development
Fleming's VARK Learning Style
Gardner's Multiple Intelligence
Fleming's VARK Learning Style

Identifying the Developmental Mindset of the Learners

Erikson’s Psychosocial Development

Adopting Diverse Learning Styles

Erikson’s Psychosocial Development

Adopting Diverse Learning Styles

Gardner's Multiple Intelligence​

Innovating Methodologies to stimulate Higher Order Thinking Skills​

Bloom's Taxonomy

Fefdy Features

Do it Yourself - DIY Develop Resilience

Sequential Holistic

Interpret Evaluate

Convergent Divergent

Abstract Analytical and Logical

Reading Assistant Enhanced Speaking

Connection Consistency

Books for your Kids

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