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English Books + Stories & Rhymes Book - Level 3


The English Books + Stories & Rhymes Book, Level 3 Books Bundle consists of:
  • English ‘Index Script’ Coursebook & Activity Book
  • ‘Melt & Frozen’ – A book of Rhymes & Stories – Unavailable at the moment
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Level 3 Course Book Descriptions & Previews

 The Level 3 English Index Script Coursebook focuses on the cognitive, socio-economic and creative development of the child. It leads to spiral learning with previous knowledge and added new ones. This book introduces consonants, question words & sight words.

  • The book offers the children multiple opportunities to use phonetics, writing, identification, application, grammar & critical thinking.With ample amounts of fun.
CB UKG English
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“தமிழ் ஆம்பல்” is Tamil text books for kindergarten ,early reader series in large font, a series of early large format readers for small kids to read and enjoy. FEFDY”s Tamil course books that make learning fun for preschoolers. The colorful pictures presented in these books provide a perfect way for young children to start their learning at school and home.

  • The content of this Tamil course book is Tamil letters, Rhymes and short stories.
CB Tamil UKG
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The Level 3 Mathematics Course Books : 

  • Advance in the Range of Numbers learned
  • Numbers & Number Names
  • The Concept of Zero
  • Addition, Subtraction
  • Greater than, Lesser than, Equal to
  • And finally venture into numbers 100-200 gradually. There are concepts like weight, temperature & money. 

These concepts are designed in a way that give children an all rounded, simplified understanding

CB UKG Maths
Book Preview

In the Level 3 (UKG) Facts & Findings Course Books:

  •   Life skills are integrated with the very basic building blocks of the physical, socio-emotional, intellectual & spiritual aspects of life. 
  • They are designed to improve essential skills needed in life.
  • Help children learn values that they will keep with them forever.
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Rhymes and Stories introduce the child to the world of language as well as the cosmos of imagination. The Level 3 ‘Melt and Frozen’ is a book of short, sweet rhymes that allows the child to have fun & experience the language further along with expanding their creativity. The book consists of 9 rhymes that combine two concepts in each rhyme. It also consists of 3 short, sweet stories that simply don’t have a negative aspect and all the morals in the books teaches children social and emotional values and further teaches them to be mindful. 

Level 3 Activity Book Descriptions & Previews

AB English UKG
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The UKG English Index Script Activity Books offer students ample practice to master Analytical, Logical, Critical Thinking Skills,  helping them learn to Manage and Express Feelings and Help Answer Questions words for the children to identify the answers (ex-Where is the flower?), fill in the vowels/missing letters & action words.

CB Tamil UKG
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“தமிழ் ஆம்பல்” Tamil activity book helps the kids to practice number of times with pencil using eraser for good handwriting as well learning words, sentences, sayings and proverbs enriching minds and also useful in day to day life. It starts with basic letters of the Alphabet and complete Eluttukkal for revision who learnt reading and writing the letters of Tamil Alphabet in the beginning of education.

AB Maths UKG
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The Level 3 Mantissa % Trade Activity Book provides cerebral games for children. The Mathematics Activity Books provides activities that encourage the child’s brain to remain active and hone numerical abilities, problem-solving abilities. The books provide Activities on:

  • Numbers & Number Names
  • The Concept of Zero
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Greater than, Lesser than, Equal 
  • Weight, Temperature & Money. 

And many more.

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In the level 3 Facts and Findings Books, Activities on Concepts like Life skills ,Physical, Socio-Emotional, Intellectual & Spiritual Aspects of Life. The Activities are designed to improve essential skills and they learn values through the General Awareness Activities that they will keep with them forever.

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