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Complete Set Without Tamil - Level 2


The Complete Set Without Tamil + Bag, Level 2 Books Bundle consists of:
  • English ‘Index Script’ Coursebook & Activity Book
  • General Awareness ‘Facts & Findings’ Coursebook & Activity Book
  • Mathematics ‘Mantissa % Trade’ Coursebook & Activity Book
  • ‘Melt & Frozen’ – A book of Rhymes & Stories – Unavailable at the moment
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Level 2 Course Book Descriptions & Previews

In the Level 2 English Index Script Coursebook, the pre-requisites of acquiring reading skills are met in a graded manner. It follows the same pattern as the Pre-Kg books.

  •  A list of six words for each letter with 1 profession attributed to it is followed, only a little more advanced.  
  • This approach helps to promote visual memory in the formative years of development along with increased familiarization of the English Alphabet and Phonemes.
CB LKG English
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“தமிழ் ஆம்பல்” is Tamil text books for kindergarten ,early reader series in large font, a series of early large format readers for small kids to read and enjoy. FEFDY”s Tamil course books that make learning fun for preschoolers. The colorful pictures presented in these books provide a perfect way for young children to start their learning at school and home.

  • The content of this Tamil course book is Tamil letters, Rhymes and short stories.
CB Tamil LKG
Book Preview

 The level 2 Mathematics Mantissa % Trade Coursebook contains activities for conceptualization & critical thinking. The book contains:

  •  Write the following numbers
  •  Identify & Write the Missing Number and it takes a deeper dive into colors, shapes & pre-math concepts.
  • This provides problem solving, critical thinking opportunities that trigger higher order thinking skills.
CB LKG Maths
Book Preview

 Fefdy’s Level 2 Facts and Findings Coursebooks help children:

  • Observe themselves
  • Observe and Understand the Environment Around 
  • Investigate and Test Assumptions 
  • Evaluate the Findings. 

The main aim is to involve children through a fun-filled learning environment to get holistic education at a  basic, fundamental level that can be easily understood by the tiny tots.

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The Level 2 ‘Melt and Frozen’ introduces the child to the world of language as well as the cosmos of imagination. Melt and Frozen introduces the sounds of the English Language and helps them practice speaking in a fun and interesting way along with enabling a child to read with expression.

  • The book consists of 9 rhymes  and 3 short stories.
Melt & Frozen CB LKG
Book Preview

Level 2 Activity Book Descriptions & Previews

English AB LKG
Book Preview

The English Index Script Level 2 Activity Book  follows an approach that helps to promote visual memory in the formative years of development along with increased familiarization of the English Alphabet and Phonemes. The activities in level 2 further level up so that the children can be:

  • Creative,
  • Work on their Hand-eye coordination, have fun and gradually develop identification & application skills. (coloring objects only with a vowel etc)
AB Tamil LKG
Book Preview

“தமிழ் ஆம்பல்” Tamil activity book helps the kids to practice number of times with pencil using eraser for good handwriting as well learning words, sentences, sayings and proverbs enriching minds and also useful in day to day life. It starts with basic letters of the Alphabet and complete Eluttukkal for revision who learnt reading and writing the letters of Tamil Alphabet in the beginning of education.

Maths AB Level 2 Preview
Book Preview

The Level 2 Mantissa % Trade Activity Book contains Activities for conceptualization & critical thinking. The book contains a few Activities from Level 1 and then it takes a deeper dive into colors, shapes & pre-math concepts. This provides:

  • Problem Solving Activities
  • Critical Thinking Opportunities 
  • Triggers Higher Order Thinking Skills
General Awareness AB Level 2 Preview
Book Preview

Facts and Findings Level 2 Activity Book helps children observe themselves and the environment, understand, investigate & and evaluate the findings through specially designed, fun Activities. The Activities allows for active exploration through sensory activities & teaches students about a sustainable world in a way that’s apt for LKG.

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