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The Mathematics Book, Level 1 Book consists of:
  • Mathematics ‘Mantissa % Trade’ Coursebook
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Level 1 Course Book Descriptions & Previews

The Level 1 English INDEX SCRIPT Coursebook engages the blossoming minds of children to learn and recognize the 26 letters and 44 sounds, the phonemes of the English Alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet has a list of 6 different words and 1 profession attributed to it. The books are enriched with the graphically rich visuals and envelop amazing facts and connections to nature and everyday life as well. 

  • There are Learning Videos for Each page of the book and we promise, You-parents will learn a few things as well!
CB PreKG English
Book Preview

“தமிழ் ஆம்பல்” is Tamil text books for kindergarten ,early reader series in large font, a series of early large format readers for small kids to read and enjoy. FEFDY”s Tamil course books that make learning fun for preschoolers. The colorful pictures presented in these books provide a perfect way for young children to start their learning at school and home.

  • The content of this Tamil course book is Tamil letters, Rhymes and short stories.
CB Tamil Prekg
Book Preview

The Level 1 Mathematics, ‘Mantissa % Trade Coursebook’ uses child friendly illustrations and has been conceptualized to develop the 

  • Child’s Numeracy Skills
  • Number sense
  •  Sequencing
  •  Measurement 

And  much more through an engaging manner that is apt for PRE-KG. By being able to recognize numbers, it helps children learn about numbers and see their value in terms of the world around them.

CB PreKG Maths
Book Preview

The Level 1 General Awareness, Facts & Findings Coursebook aims to involve children through a fun filled learning environment to get holistic education at a basic, fundamental level that can be easily understood by the tiny tots. 

  • Well Rounded General Information will help in building up your kid’s self-character. The more your youngster knows, the more capable they will be.
  •  They will learn topics like ‘My Profile’, ‘My Emotions’, ‘My Family’, ‘Types of Food’, ‘Natural Resources’, ‘The Universe’ and many more.
  •  Every page of the Coursebook is supported by an Audio Book and an extremely appealing and well thought of Learning Video.
Book Preview
  • The Level 1 ‘Melt & Frozen’ is a book of short, sweet rhymes and stories that allows the child to have fun & experience the language further along with expanding their creativity. 
  • The book consists of 9 rhymes that very smartly combine two concepts in each rhyme (For example: Numbers 1-10 & healthy habits,vegetables & colors). 

It also consists of 3 short, sweet stories that simply don’t have a negative aspect and all the morals in the books teaches children social and emotional values and further teaches them to be mindful.

Melt & Frozen PREKG
Book Preview

Level 1 Activity Book Descriptions & Previews

AB Prekg English
Book Preview

The Level 1 Course Books are paired with an Activity Book that consists of a letter on each page that gives them fun activities to do with paint, bits of cloth, coloured cotton balls and many more. The kids can fill in the letters with these various textured mediums. Each letter is large and gives them ample space to have fun and is subtly in the shape of an animal or object starting with that letter (M that looks like a monkey). This further increases:

  • Familiarity of the Alphabet
  • Doubles the Fun
  • Enhances Hand-Eye Coordination &
  • Makes learning like a Game.
AB Tamil Prekg
Book Preview

“தமிழ் ஆம்பல்” Tamil activity book helps the kids to practice number of times with pencil using eraser for good handwriting as well learning words, sentences, sayings and proverbs enriching minds and also useful in day to day life. It starts with basic letters of the Alphabet and complete Eluttukkal for revision who learnt reading and writing the letters of Tamil Alphabet in the beginning of education.

AB Prekg Maths
Book Preview

The Fefdy team has put a lot of care  and thought into designing the activities of  the Mantissa % Trade level 1 Activity Book to ensure that it removes fear for the subject and instead fosters love and passion right from the very beginning for a subject like Mathematics.  The activities inculcate problem solving skills and strengthen their brains. The Books help to develop the child’s numeracy skills, number sense, sequencing in fun, engaging methods.

AB Prekg General Awareness
Book Preview

Facts and Findings Level 1 Activity Book will assist the Children with relating and comprehending the aspects of the world and its workings better. By doing activities on varied topics:

  •  A child’s overall mindfulness, receptiveness to information will increase 
  • It will be simpler for the children to understand different realities of the world around them. 
  • It has a connection to improved critical thinking and receptiveness.

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