Curriculum Feedback

Books Review By PREKG,LKG Parents


Dear Madam,

This is Aadharshana. V.R.’s Mother.

About the book review:

English coursebook: Kid is learning under categories like profession, animal, plants, flowers, transportation; Excellent

English activity book: Excellent, kid is enjoying

Maths coursebook: Learning numbers, shapes, concepts, colours, patterns are excellent

Maths activity book: Excellent, kid is enjoying

General awareness coursebook: Mind Blowing; Kid is grasping many things around her like she is trying to connect the things learned with her daily activities.

General awareness activity book: This book looks like we parents are doing the activities, if kids are involved in model making it would be better. Kindly consider this feedback for General awareness activity book


Hi Mam,

Feedback: The idea of gradually increasing the complexity level in textbooks is greatly appreciated. All subjects render the content to the T without any deviation from the actual topic.

I am indeed very happy with the English textbook because of the rich layout of words for each alphabet. I was indeed awestruck when my child used a word from the textbook in another context with ease. This shows the understanding the textbook provides.

I also would like to add that the images and activity provided in the EVS textbook is really apt for the context and increases their understanding

I do have one suggestion for the Tamil textbook. Since my child is on the lower side of the vocabulary he is struggling to remember the words in tamil. If we do have a ‘Match the following’ kind of exercise (i.e., matching the English word to it’s Tamil word) I think kids like him will remember the words with their visual memory.



Respected ma’am, I am Dharan’s mom.

Regarding English I personally feel that the syllabus is little bit tough. But surprisingly my son finds it easy. New vocabularies and phonics are being introduced. I felt that it could be better if they added stories with 3d picturisation.

Maths, Tamil syllabus are up to my expectations.

EVS content is really helping my son to visualize our surroundings. It insists the importance of bringing up our children more responsible about society. Many activities like sticking grains , making tree out of dry leaves etc are making my son excited.

Last but not least, I would like to point out the impact on my child,

1. He started to speak English!!!
2. He can identify the alphabets sometimes even words from his story books.
3. His interest for learning new things has increased
4. He is following most of the good habits which he has learnt from EVS and teaches others also.

Thank you Team
With Regards
Dharan’s Parents


Hi Mam,

Content wise books are very good , clear and knowledgeable. Lot of activities are given which will improve the students motor skills and other skills. My kid is able to identify and pronounce complex words by this age itself is very good thing.

The only thing is, English course and activity books pages are tearing. This is not only for us. I checked with some other parents also. They also told English book pages are tearing. Since kids are handling the books, It will be better, if those books have been bind properly.

Thanks & regards,


Good evening mam ,
Iam K.S.Jashwanth Ram’s mom. My feedback about my ward’s books are really nice.

My kid is able to learn clearly. My ward’s English course book as well as English activity book is a little damaged. Rest all are fine.

Yours thankfully,


Dear Miss,

We have summarised the feedback for the books given for LKG below.

English book:
The words in the English books are very good, and some words are a very difficult to pronounce and ourselves didn’t see some of the objects present in it. I prefer some simple words. English activity book seems to be very creative and stimulating kids brain. So I like this book.

English practice book:
It is a very simple, and there is no more comments for this book.

Maths book:
I should say you that it covers everything, with exception being to include real world examples like human have 2 legs, horse have 4 legs and what time it is now 8’o clock or 9’o clock ??

EVS book:
I feel like some items are very complex for kids at this age. May be what i feel might be wrong. Example is global warming and solar system. Kids at this Stage may not understand such concept.

Tamil book:
The contents are good. I have no negative comments for it.

Naveera and Areevan Parents


Dear Mam,

Book contents are very good and strong for my child to learn new words and concepts. This made a huge positive difference in my child ,that is really helpful to increase in her skills and development. Learning from scratch in kindergarten is very important for a child to grow strong in future for her career.

Thanks and regards


English Course Book:
The book is colourful and attractive to the kids.
Children are able to learn new words with the associated
Other thanalphabets, adding other topics like
simple sentences, stories, rhymes etc. might make it even
English Activity Book:
Activities like tracing and identifying alphabets were so good
and the kids are eager to do.
Maths Course Book:
Book was very colourful. Activities which includes their
favourit epic tures are damn good.
Maths Activity Book:
Includes good and easy activities for the kids to do by
EVS Course Book:
Concepts were good.
Too much content on one page makes them bored.
EVS Activity Book:
Good. Kids really like to do all the activities.
Basic things are all covered. GoodandBest.
Note Books:
Ful fills the requirements. Good.

M. Chitra Devi


Dear Madam,

Please find the feedback for every subject

English: The book is very good and informative and introduced a lot of new words to children. Some words are very tricky for the children to pronounce and understand the meaning. Otherwise it’s very good.

Tamil: The book is very good and informative.
EVS: The book is excellent. It has a lot of information that a child can learn.

Maths: The book is very good and easy to understand

Preethi Gurunavukkarasu
M/O N.Harankrishav


Hello Mam,

Please find the feedback of books below,

The quality of books provided is excellent except the English course book, were the pages are easily worn off due to book binding quality issue. Content of the books are excellent and informative. I feel the syllabus of EVS is difficult when compared to other subjects and some of the vocabulary in English course book are vague for kids.

Elizabeth Aaron


Hi mam,
Just wanted to say Thank You for the text books. The content seem to be relevant and intuitive, especially for children who are studying online.

Sarah’s mom (Priyanka)

Books Review By UKG Parents

Name of the Student: Adzia.A
Name of the Parent: Agitha

The books of VKAN-V Solutions Private Limited are quite interesting for my child. It covers all the basic requirements which are required for my child. The quality of the book is really good and appreciable. At the same time, it seems a little heavier for UKG students. Other than that it provides all the required information for UKG students.


Name of the Student: Benedict Shijo.A
Name of the Parent: Augustin

Books are ok with us. There is no problem.May continue the same.


(Shijo’s father)

Name of the Student: Aazil Syed.N
Name of the Parent: Ayisha Banu.M

I take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Vimala Rani Britto, Mrs. Mary Vasantha Kumari, UKG teachers, other staffs, and VKAN- V publications for publishing such interesting books.

The content of the subject makes the kids to learn easily and eagerly. As the kids are new to learning they find the books to be simple and interesting. Thank you for publishing amazing books.

Ayisha Banu M
(Parent of Aazil Syed N)

Name of the Student: Jazlyn Anaiah Praise
Name of the Parent: Monica Ebsiba

Content of the Books are good with creative and logical activities for the kids. Stickers are really innovative and playful way of learning the words, thats a good part. As they are just UKG , I personally feel the A to Z (artist-Zoologist) identification words are hard for the kids to pronounce and remember. And they may not able to understand the meaning of it too. Leader in me book can be introduced for UKG too.. Course Books can have more writing part for 3 letters words like next play syllabus..

Britto’s Rhymes and self drawing book can be added to make it more interesting for the kids as it was done in 2018 .Apart from this each activity book for each subject makes kids engaged to relate the learnings.
Thank you for your support and Effort Mam.

Monica Ebsiba
Jazlyn’s parent

Name of the Student: Rithanya.P
Name of the Parent: Vijaya Lakshmi

HI, This is Vijaya Lakshmi, parent of Rithanya studying UKG in brittos Academy.
Firstly, I would like to thank the authors of the book Mrs. Vimala rani britto Mam and the supporters for publishing good quality books to our kids.

The content of the books are very good . It Keeps the kid engaged and motivates them to learn more.

These kinds of books truly help kids in their early learning. The fonts and the colours used are attractive and the kids love to touch them and read them
which makes the kid quickly grab it to their mind.

Thank you once again.

Rithanya Mom.

Name of the Student: Shiv Kumar.S
Name of the Parent: Rajalakshmi.R

I R Rajalakshmi mother of S Shiv Kumar who is studying in UKG.
Review of UKG books.
I really liked the books for 2 reasons.
a. Separate books for course and activity, so the kids will be able to understand concept easily.
b. Image of the pictures is clear, so the kids will be able to understand the meaning of the word easily.


With Regards,

R. Rajalakshmi

Name of the Student: Jenicia Karis.S
Name of the Parent: Ruth

First of all we appreciate for the thought of asking parents’ review on this.

Our review regarding the books

1. The overall content in all the subjects are good, all the topics are included in the book.

2. I suggest to include more stories and rhymes
So that their vocabularies and memory power will be improved.

3. I request the management to consider on the cost of the books.

Otherwise we are happy with the portions covered in it, as well as the way of teaching.

Jenicia’s Mom